Biggest and Best Black Friday TV Deals for 2023 Amazon

Amazon’s Black Friday sale for 2023 kicks off on Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 23) and continues until Black Friday (Nov. 24). Throughout this two-day extravaganza, you can score deals on AmazonTVs. There’s always a good reason to welcome a new TV. Perhaps the one in your living room is past its prime, or you’re considering one for the bedroom, or maybe it’s time to jazz up the garage. The reasons to desire one are endless, but often, so are the factors holding you back from getting one. However, Black Friday presents the perfect opportunity, making it the ideal time to invest. Don’t hesitate, dive into the deals! With the rush, stocks might deplete sooner than you think.

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Best TV's of 2023

LG G3 Series 55-Inch Class OLED evo 4K
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LG C3 Series 65-Inch Class OLED evo 4K Processor
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Ultra HD TV

Sony QD-OLED 55 inch BRAVIA XR A95L 4K
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The Best Amazon Prime Day TV Deals 2023: Shop Sales on Samsung, Sony, and Amazon Fire TVs


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Even though official Black Friday TV deals haven't been released, 

Black Friday TV deals 2023:Anticipated Date and Expectations

Prime Day TV Deals are Here Early! Almost every product category witnesses significant markdowns during this event, with TVs being no exception. Leading brands like Samsung, Sony, and Hisense come with tempting offers. Not to be left behind, Amazon slashes prices on its own range of TVs during Prime Day. Whether you're eyeing a high-end model or something more budget-friendly, there's a good chance you'll find the perfect TV deal.

Anticipated TV Offers in Amazon's Prime Day Sale this October: Spotlight on Samsung to LG:With Black Friday 2023 just around the corner, we're gearing up for substantial reductions on this year's top 4K, QLED, and OLED screens. This guide offers a comprehensive rundown of what you can expect from Black Friday TV deals, alongside the most enticing current sales from various platforms.

This year, Black Friday falls on November 24. But, if previous years are any indication, deals will start popping up as early as October. And now, with the news of Amazon's 2nd Prime Day Sale set for October 10 and 11, it's clear that the festive shopping momentum will start around then.

Black Friday traditionally boasts some of the most sought-after TV deals, with unbeatable prices on everything from top-tier OLEDs to affordable smart TVs from giants like Samsung, LG, Sony, Insignia, and TCL. Adobe Analytics highlighted that shoppers splurged a whopping $9.12 billion on Black Friday last year, hinting at even more significant savings on premium TVs this year.

To aid you, we've compiled details about this year's Black Friday TV deals, including insights into past trends and predictions. And for those eager to start their shopping right away, we've sourced the best ongoing TV deals across various platforms.

So, When Do Prime Day TV Offers Kick Off?

Amazon has verified a secondary Prime Day for this year in October, aptly titled the Prime Big Deal Days sale. The exact date remains unannounced, but drawing from last year's patterns provides clues.

Amazon's secondary Prime Day sale last year took place over October 11 and 12, 2022. Given Amazon's penchant for Tuesday-Wednesday sales, our best guess positions this year's sale around October 10-11. We promise to keep you posted with updates.

Is Amazon Prime Membership a Must for Prime Day TV Offers?

Yes, since it's a Prime-centric sale, an active Prime membership is essential to avail the deals. An Amazon Prime membership, priced at £8.99/month, offers perks like free next-day delivery and access to Amazon Prime Video. For subscription details, visit their official page.

For those new to Prime or those whose membership lapsed over a year ago, Amazon provides a 30-day trial. If you're contemplating this option, it's prudent to activate it closer to October and consider canceling post the sale, if needed.

History Behind Black Friday Sale

Indeed, Black Friday marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, a celebration leading up to the significant Christian festival the following month. While initially observed primarily in the USA and Canada, the phenomenon of Black Friday has now spread worldwide. On this occasion, leading global e-commerce platforms roll out considerable discounts in line with the Christmas shopping spirit.

Taking a step back to 2008, an incident at Valley Stream Mall in New York highlights the extremes of this shopping fervor. With products offered at immense discounts, over two thousand eager shoppers congregated outside. As they waited for the doors to open, anticipation grew. Once the gates were unlocked, the crowd's excitement turned chaotic. In the ensuing frenzy, a 34-year-old woman was trampled by the crowd. By the time security managed to rescue her, tragically, she had already lost her life.

Types of TV Deals to Look For:

Discounts on In-House or Collaborative Brands: This category features brands such as Amazon Fire, TCL, and Insignia TVs. Savings on Top-tier TV Brands: This encompasses brands like Sony, Samsung, and LG TVs. Combo Deals: Certain deals may provide added benefits like extended warranties or gift cards. If you don't spot the TV you desire, consider exploring alternative options, such as bundles or utilizing gift cards for complimentary accessories like a soundbar.

Is Prime Big Deal Days a good time to buy a TV?

Commonly Asked Questions:

How significant are the discounts on OLED TVs during Prime Day? On Prime Day, OLED TVs typically see a price reduction of around 30%. While the exact discount can depend on the brand and screen size, you can expect savings in the range of 20-30%, translating to substantial monetary benefits.

Is it better to shop on Prime Day or wait for Black Friday TV deals? If you're keen on bagging a discounted Amazon Fire TV, Prime Day is your best bet. But if you have brands like Samsung, LG, or Sony in mind and there's no urgency, you might find better deals during the Black Friday sales.

Is a Prime membership essential for these deals?

Certainly. Prime Big Deals Day promises to bring discounts across a multitude of categories. From our observations over the past five years covering Prime Day, TVs consistently emerge as some of the most sought-after items. The discounts offered rival those of other significant sales events, such as Black Friday/Cyber Monday and Memorial Day. Even in the lead-up to July's Prime Day, we noticed reductions as significant as 49 percent on top-tier brands like Samsung and Sony.


Absolutely. Amazon Prime Day deals are tailored specifically for Prime members. If you're not a member, you can opt for a week-long subscription at just $1.99 or leverage the 30-day free trial for newcomers. For those looking for longer commitment, Amazon offers both monthly and yearly Prime subscription options.

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Best 8K TV 2024

Best LG TV 2023 Black Friday LG Television Deals

In the market for an outstanding LG TV deal to enhance your watching sessions without breaking the bank? Allow us to guide you through the various models and pinpoint where the most compelling LG TV offers can be found.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are renowned for offering top-notch deals on sought-after items. However, the months preceding these significant sales events also present opportunities for savvy shopping. To ensure you're well-informed and can secure the best discounts, here's an overview of the LG TV range and tips on landing the most advantageous LG TV deals.


Biggest Black Friday TV Deals for 2023

When considering a new TV purchase, LG is a brand that should top your list. Renowned for its diverse array of televisions, LG offers everything from smart TVs to 4K Ultra HD variants. For those aiming for the pinnacle of viewing experiences, LG even has 8K TVs in its arsenal. Beyond the resolution, LG TVs are available in multiple sizes, often equipped with unique features that elevate streaming and overall viewing pleasure.


The Best
Amazon Prime Day TV Deals On Sony

While Amazon Prime Day is well underway, there’s still an opportunity to grab a discounted TV. For those in the market for a new television, we’ve collated some of the top Prime Day TV offers below. Although we at Engadget don’t conduct formal TV reviews, we’ve meticulously examined reviews from consumers and reputable sources to ensure your purchase is worth every penny. It’s worth mentioning that the TV industry is currently in a transitional phase, resulting in many of the notable Prime Day bargains being 2023 models. 

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Black Friday Sony TV deals 2023

10 Oct - 24 Nov

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We've compiled our predictions for Black Friday deals on Sony TVs, highlighting the top models ideal for gaming.


Special Offer from Sony OLED QLED TVs

Sony 4K LED Ultra HD TV X77L Smart Google TV (43-50-55-65-75-85 Inch )KD85X77L- 2023 Model

  • Optimized TV Performance: Equipped with the 4K Processor X1, the television showcases lifelike visuals teeming with vibrant hues and intricate details.
  • True-to-Life Colors and Details: Dive into a viewing experience where colors are both broad-ranging and true to nature, and contrasts are dynamically presented.
  • Smart Entertainment Center: Streamlined for convenience, access a plethora of your preferred streaming apps using Google TV. Enhance your user experience with voice-powered searches and commands via Google Assistant, and also enjoy compatibility with Apple AirPlay.
Sony 4K LED Ultra HD TV X77L Smart Google TV (43-50-55-65-75-85 Inch )KD85X77L- 2023 Model
43″ $348.00 Buy Now Buy Now KD43X77L
50″ $448.00 Buy Now Buy Now KD50X77L
55″ $498.00 Buy Now Buy Now KD55X77L
65″ $598.00 Buy Now Buy Now KD65X77L
75″ $848.00 Buy Now Buy Now KD75X77L
83″ $1,198.00 Buy Now Buy Now KD85X77L

Sony 65 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X90L Series: BRAVIA XR Full Array LED Smart Google TV with Dolby Vision HDR and Exclusive Features for The Playstation® 5 XR65X90L- 2023 Model,Black

HANDPICKED BY AMAZON: They did the research so you don’t have to. LIFELIKE PICTURE– The intelligent and powerful Cognitive Processor XR delivers a picture with wide dynamic contrast, detailed blacks, natural colors, and high peak brightness, replicating how we see the real world. FULL ARRAY LED CONTRAST AND COLOR– See enhanced contrast with high peak brightness and billions of accurate colors, all controlled by Full Array LED backlight technology and XR Triluminos Pro.

Sony 75 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X77L Series: LED Smart Google TV KD75X77L- 2023 Model, Black

POWERFUL TV PROCESSING– The 4K Processor X1 delivers a lifelike picture that is full of rich colors and sharp details. ENHANCED COLOR AND FINE DETAILS– See natural and precise picture quality with a wide array of colors and dynamic contrast. PREMIUM SMART TV – Get access to all your favorite streaming apps in one place with Google TV, and simply use your voice to search and ask questions with Google Assistant. Supports Apple AirPlay.

Sony 75 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X80K Series: LED Smart Google TV with Dolby Vision HDR KD75X80K- Latest Model, Black

INTELLIGENT TV PROCESSING– The 4K HDR Processor X1 delivers a picture that is smooth and clear, full of rich colors and detailed contrast. WIDE SPECTRUM OF COLORS- Reproduces over a billion accurate colors resulting in picture quality that is natural and precise, and closer than ever to real life, enhanced by TRILUMINOS Pro. PREMIUM SMART TV– Google TV with Google Assistant organizes your favorite content all in one place. Stream from Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV, HBO Max, Peacock and many more. Also, stream from your Apple device with AirPlay 2 support.

Sony BRAVIA XR A80L OLED 4K Ultra HD TV (Playstation® 5) XR55A80L 2023 Model,Smart Google TV

TRUE-TO-LIFE VISUALS - Sony's advanced Cognitive Processor XR offers visuals with expansive contrast, deep blacks, authentic colors, and illuminating brightness, echoing our natural perception of the world. OLED EXCELLENCE - Experience absolute blacks, vivid brightness, and a spectrum of true colors with the enhancements of XR OLED Contrast Pro and XR Triluminos Pro. SUPREME SMART TV FEATURES - Navigate your preferred streaming platforms effortlessly with Google TV. Plus, engage with Google Assistant through voice commands and enjoy compatibility with Apple AirPlay.
55″ $1,598.00 Buy Now Buy Now XR55A80L
65″ $1,798.00 Buy Now Buy Now XR65A80L
77″ $2,799.99 Buy Now Buy Now XR77A80L
83″ $4,798.00 Buy Now Buy Now XR83A80L

Sony BRAVIA XR X93L Mini LED 4K Ultra HD TV Features for The Playstation® 5 XR85X93L- 2023 Model Smart Google TV

VIVID VISUALS – Powered by the sophisticated Cognitive Processor XR, the visuals boast a broad contrast spectrum, deep blacks, authentic colors, and striking brightness, mirroring the world as we perceive it. ADVANCED MINI LED DISPLAY – Experience unparalleled contrast drawn from numerous Mini LEDs, along with a vast palette of true-to-life colors, masterfully orchestrated by the XR Backlight Master Drive and XR Triluminos Pro. ENTERTAINMENT REDEFINED – Navigate effortlessly across popular streaming platforms with Google TV. Voice commands via Google Assistant make searches and queries a breeze. Additionally, the TV supports seamless integration with Apple AirPlay.
65″ $1,798.00 Buy Now Buy Now XR65X93L
75″ $5,297.99 Buy Now Buy Now XR75X93L
85″ $3,798.00 Buy Now Buy Now XR85X93L

Best Sony Television Black Friday Deals: Sales to Shop Now

Black Friday is the ideal time to secure a bargain on a Sony TV. Though it's scheduled for November later this year, we anticipate significant discounts on Sony's latest televisions, given the brand's collaboration with numerous retailers.

Sony is renowned for crafting some of the top gaming TVs on the market, a testament to which many of their models feature on our recommended list for PS5 and Xbox Series X. Recent game releases like Horizon: Forbidden West and God of War: Ragnarok have showcased jaw-dropping visuals, and a top-notch 4K Sony TV can amplify the experience of such next-gen games.

A noteworthy feature in most contemporary TVs is the "game mode", which optimizes screen colors and brightness to immerse players more deeply. As internet connectivity continues to improve year on year, a premium gaming TV stands out, especially when streaming 4K content. Regardless of the specifics, Black Friday consistently presents the opportunity to acquire a state-of-the-art television at a substantially reduced price, including anticipated launches of new 4K and 8K models.

Sony TV Black Friday Deals: Predictions and Expectations Sony was noticeably silent during CES 2023, fueling speculations about potential TV launches later in the year. The brand may choose to unveil new products at another tech-centric event or might even host its own exclusive showcase – a strategy increasingly favored by companies aiming for undivided media and consumer attention.

In 2022, Sony expanded its A9 OLED series, and we anticipate further additions to this lineup in 2023. By the time Black Friday rolls in, it's plausible that we'll witness enticing deals on Sony's Bravia series, with notable discounts especially on larger screen models. A brief look at last year's deals reveals the Bravia series enjoyed substantial markdowns.

With 4K resolution gradually becoming the norm, we're optimistic about potential price cuts in this segment. As newer models emerge, boasting enhanced picture quality and innovative features, 2022 variants might experience substantial discounts, given the consumer propensity to gravitate towards the latest releases.

On a related note, the Sony Inzone M9 gaming monitor, though not a TV, could also witness its first major price cut, considering it would be over a year old by Black Friday 2023. This monitor is a perfect companion for those juggling between PS5 and PC gaming.

Patience will likely pay off for those waiting until Black Friday. There's a high probability of securing a Sony TV at a significantly reduced price. For a clearer picture of potential 2023 Black Friday prices, it's worthwhile to review the deals offered in the previous November.

Where to Spot the Best Black Friday Deals on Sony TVs? For Sony TV enthusiasts, a plethora of retailers will feature discounts spanning various models and sizes. We're hopeful for substantial reductions on newer models equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensuring an immersive gaming experience.

Best 4K TVs under $1000

On a tight budget but in the market for a quality TV? While choices under $1000 can seem limited, there are still noteworthy options available.

Naturally, these budget-friendly TVs won't rival top-tier models in terms of features and specs. Yet, it's still possible to find models suitable for home cinema experiences and gaming within this price range. Check out our curated list of the best bang-for-your-buck TVs available for under $1000!

If none of these meet your needs, consider exploring our comprehensive TV buying guide or delve into our TV toplist. There, you'll have access to a broader array of options and can utilize customized filters to pinpoint the perfect TV for your needs.The "ideal" TV size is subjective and largely hinges on individual preferences.However, as a general guideline, we suggest:

  • Seating distance of 2m: 50-inch TV
  • Between 2m and 2.5m: 55-inch TV
  • Between 2.5m and 3m: 65-inch TV
  • 3m and beyond: 75-inch TV or larger.
Dolby Vision HDR | 4K HDR 60FPS OLED Demo

Stellar Smart TV Pick: The Samsung Q60A stands out as our top recommendation for TVs priced under $1000. Its robust Smart TV capabilities make it an excellent addition to any smart home setup. Powered by the efficient Tizen 6.0 and equipped with voice assistant compatibility, this model boasts an impressive array of apps. You won't miss out on any streaming platforms, ensuring a delightful viewing experience of your favorite movies and series, all backed by commendable picture quality.


For superior audio quality,

consider pairing the TV with a soundbar through an HDMI eARC port. As with many slim-designed TVs, the built-in sound often falls short of expectations.

When it comes to gaming, the TV offers a decent array of features. However, the absence of an HDMI 2.1 port does place some limitations. The TV responds swiftly during gameplay, but it's advisable to dim the ambient light, as the TV struggles to counteract reflections in brightly lit spaces.


The picture frame among TVs

For individuals who prioritize a cohesive interior where the TV seamlessly blends into the décor, Samsung's "The Frame" has been a go-to choice for years. While the 2021 version retains its glossy display – making it slightly less adept at managing reflections compared to its successor – it continues to stylishly adorn walls, mimicking the elegance of a piece of art.